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How back pain can keep you from working

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Social Security Disability Insurance |

Regardless of how you hurt your back the pain you experience could affect your ability to
sustain work. Even the most simple tasks can be difficult for someone with severe back pain.

Someone who stands to greet incoming customers at a retail shop may spend many hours during
the holiday shopping season on their feet. Those who work in an office might be unable to sit in
a straight chair for sustained periods of time. Workers who lift or twist on the job can easily
cause repetitive stress to their back.

Although many adults with back injuries try to continue working despite their symptoms
eventually those injuries will catch up to those who ignore them. What effect do back injuries
have on the average worker?

You may struggle to do your job

When it hurts to be on your feet or to lift and move like you usually do, you may not be able to
do your job as well as you typically can, or you might slow down noticeably. You may be unable
to continue working without numerous breaks to rest or you may have to take numerous “sick
days”. When you get home, you may not have the stamina left to do anything else. Unfortunately, your family members and your employer will eventually notice how the pain has
affected you.

You could face poor performance reviews or write-ups at work, as well as frustration from your
family at home. Back pain that worsens or flares up frequently has a strong correlation with
people leaving their jobs and requiring medical support. If you cannot remain standing or sitting
for an entire shift, your employer may have a hard time accommodating your limitations.

Whether your diagnosis is a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, spondylitis or a
repetitive motion injury, you can potentially qualify for disability benefits when a back injury
reaches a point where it prevents you from doing your job.

Documentation is crucial for back-related benefits claims

If you hope to connect with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits because you
can no longer work due to a back injury, you will need medical documentation of the condition
and its impact on your functional abilities. The more supporting medical evidence you have, the
easier that will be for you to prove that your injury prevents you from maintaining gainful

Back injuries are a leading cause for the necessity of obtaining SSDI benefits.