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Can you get SSDI if your spouse already does?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Firm News, Social Security Disability Insurance |

A family can get hit by more than one disabling injury or illness. Maybe you were approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) several years ago while your spouse kept working. Now your spouse has become seriously disabled too, but you’re worried that the Social Security Administration won’t approve SSDI benefits for someone who already gets benefits through their spouse.

If this describes your current situation, you can rest easy. There is no rule forbidding both members of a marriage from receiving SSDI benefits. And the level of benefits you get won’t be reduced if your spouse also gets approved. Instead, if approved, your spouse’s benefits will be calculated based on their work history and income, just like yours. However, receiving certain other benefits, like workers’ compensation, can reduce how much you or your spouse gets from the SSDI program.

As married couples age, their ability to work can be affected by physical infirmity or serious, chronic illnesses like cancer or depression. Having two spouses unable to work at once can put them in serious financial peril. Fortunately, both spouses are equally qualified to apply for SSDI as long as they have a condition that is expected to prevent them from working for at least one year or likely result in their death.

Help for couples in trouble

If you have already been approved for SSDI benefits, you know how complicated the process can be, but many disabled Tennesseans get approved on the initial application. An attorney can help you avoid errors in your application that can delay the process and include medical and other evidence to make the most convincing case possible.