About Douglas W. Hutson, Attorney at Law

Representing The Disabled In East Tennessee Since 1983

Douglas W. Hutson, Attorney at Law, has helped thousands of East Tennessee residents receive Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 30 years.

Douglas Wallace Hutson and his staff have an excellent record of winning disability claims.

Our main office is in Athens, Tennessee, and we meet with clients at our secondary office location in Cleveland, Tennessee, by appointment. To discuss your concerns regarding disability benefits, please call 423-453-3021 today. We offer free legal consultations.

A Disability Attorney You Can Trust

The Social Security Administration denies the majority of initial applications for disability benefits. Many of these claimants should qualify for benefits, but they are unable to prove their cases on their own. The large number of people struggling to get the benefits they need has led to an increase in "disability advocates" advertising their services.

Many of the "advocates" and "representatives" you see advertised on TV and online are not lawyers and they are not local. If you work with one of these agencies, you may not even meet your non-attorney representative until moments before your hearing. Don't let this happen to you.

When you work with our firm, you will work with Douglas W. Hutson, an Athens native, directly. He will get to know you and your case well, remaining in close communication with you and your doctors in order to fully prepare for your hearing. Mr. Hutson wins disability cases because of his in-depth knowledge of the law, meticulous attention to detail and true compassion for his clients.

Mr. Hutson has upheld a longstanding commitment to providing for his community's need for skillful disability counsel. When you need disability benefits, do not settle for less-qualified representation.

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To discuss your case with us, please call 423-453-3021 or fill out this form. We offer free initial consultations by phone and at our offices in Athens and Cleveland. In fact, we do not charge our clients any attorney's fees until we win their cases.